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Love this topic. Especially about how much can go on inside our heads that could escalate a situation and make it worse. And instead of speaking impulsively just breathing. A good post for marriage too!” – Jennifer P.

I hung on every word. I like the idea of these shorter posts with advice that can be read and digested quickly. Hell, I will be your biggest fan!” – Gretchen K.

A very good reminder to stay present and work through the emotion.” – Elaine P.

This is fantastic. Shows how complex our human exchanges are and all the layers that can come into play in what might appear to be a simple moment of evening parenting. We read all these books and are given so many parenting tips—but this really lays out the real challenges of each step (or breath) needed to find that place and space of understanding and connection. Thank you for sharing. Beautiful.” – Alice B.

Beautiful, made me cry. What a fabulous example of emotional intelligence! Just by creating that pause, that extra moment and breath….such truth emerges between people.” – Tara B.

“Thank you Christa. I will be working on those breaths!!”Tara B.

I am nuts about your way with parenting advice, sister.” – Tara B.

“Thank you from the bottom of my heart.”Zoe Ella

Rachel K.

I just finished your book. It’s brilliant! I found it immensely helpful to me as a parent and as a person. My boys are almost 15 and 16 1/2. We have not yet navigated difficult waters – no bird flipping, school failings or other major mishaps. However, your insights have helped me enjoy them more every day while also being able to guide and direct them in a more positive and effective manner. I feel better prepared for what’s to come and less fearful of them being physically or emotionally harmed. There are few parenting books that I have read cover to cover. Yours will be by my side for continuing reference! I just sent a copy to a good friend and have passed my copy to my husband.  The more parents read your work, the better for all!” –Mary King

“Freaking amazing book!!!!! I have just finished your intro and I am so damn compelled!!!!! I am changing my morning to sit with your exquisite read. Just wow!”Susan R