What the Trees Say: A COVID Inspiration From Nature

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The foundation of spirituality is self-attentiveness - Unknown Recently my daughter and I have taken refuge in nature to connect to what seems unchanged in a time of dizzying uncertainty. Sometimes nature speaks when I am poised to listen. Read More

Strategies To Manage Pandemic Emotions

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What is to give light must endure burning – Anton Wildgans When the world around us is in flux we must accept that our individual lives and families will be the same.  Our emotions are signals for how we, as humans, are to behave to survive. And since survival is now ...Read More

Coping in the Time of the Coronavirus

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We’re all home (if we’re fortunate enough to have one). And each of us has a different response to crisis. One wife told her husband she would divorce him if he didn’t wear gloves at the grocery store. Extreme times elicit extreme emotions. How to cope amid massive global suffering? Keep Reading

Find Your Child’s Hidden Design

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Zach, 16, was diagnosed with ADHD and Executive Functioning problems. This meant that school was never fun and he resisted homework and lied sometimes about anything related to school. He was also depressed because school is a huge part of his life and it wasn’t what made him tick. His mom, concerned and motivated to help ...Read More

Help Teens Find Authentic Satisfaction: Trust Them

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 “You cannot teach a man anything; you can only help him find it within himself.”- Galileo Galilei How can we trust our young adults when we never learned to trust ourselves? A NEW PARADIGM OF LEARNING Most of us were raised to believe that parents are meant to guide young ...Read More

Let’s Speak the Simple Truth: It’s an act of political and emotional healing.

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The frequency of mass shootings in the US is directly related to the absence of reasonable gun laws and other policies which would dramatically reduce the number and type of guns in civilians’ hands. That’s a simple truth. If we complicate this simple truth by blaming the mental health of ...Read More

The Education Within: How do teens and parents balance the culture of expectation with self-knowledge?

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Education is not the filling of a pail but the lighting of a fire. —Yeats What does it mean to light a fire rather than fill a pail? To start, our culture, its educational tenets, and the messages of unbridled capitalism promote pail filling. The focus on products (homework, SAT scores, ...Read More

Your Teen Is Not You

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A well-meaning dad in my practice came into my office at his regular time, his eyes wide, perched at the edge of the couch. He wanted to share something; he could hardly keep it in. “I realized something this week,” he blurted breathlessly. I waited, wondering which of the many ...Read More

Six Deep Breaths Back to Connection With Your Child

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10:15 p.m. on Monday night. It feels like Friday already. My 11-year-old, a writer who gets her “inspiration” around 9:00 p.m. every evening (which feels like the middle of the night as I’ve been up since 5:30 a.m.)  was chattering in bed. Suddenly, happy moments from the day turned to a ...Read More

Three Transformative Strategies to Empower You And Your Teen

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As the Dalai Lama once said, “Those who drive us the craziest are our best teachers.” While research and your grandmother agree that human happiness depends on the quality of our closest relationships, maintaining that connection with our teen can be challenging. What I have found is that our teens are mirrors ...Read More