The (Power) Struggle Is Real: Forging Harmony With Your Teen

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As a psychologist practicing for almost thirty years, I’ve discovered three key principles that resolve power struggles between parents and teens: Know thyselfCultivate responsivenessNourish the relationship First: know thyself by healing your past wounds. Fear is normal for parents. Your teen ends up in the ER for alcohol poisoning and you want to ground him for ...Read More

Is Your Tween Ready For A Smart Phone?

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Why did Bill Gates wait until his daughter was 14 to give her a smartphone? Maybe he intuited what some research now shows: a 2017 study of over half a million eighth through 12th graders found that teens who spent considerable time on screens (two or more hours a day) compared to ...Read More

Essential Tips For Thriving In Your Relationship With Your Teen

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An expert on parent-teen relationships (and their healing power!) shares expert advice on communicating and thriving with your teen Chloe was a precocious 14-year-old who, while doing well in her competitive private school and engaged in an array of impressive extracurriculars to stay on the competitive track, was also “packed ...Read More

Are You Clashing with Family Over the Current Presidency?

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Are You Clashing with Family Over the Current Presidency? Healing Family Bonds In Polarizing Times By Christa Santangelo, PhD   Rob and his teenage son Peter’s relationship was threatened over the recent US presidential election. Dad was unable to hear anything his sixteen-year-old son Peter had to say about Peter’s ...Read More